Welcome to the UCLA Center for Gender-Based Biology!

Gender is a complex and topical issue, both biologically and socially.
In 2000, the Institute of Medicine published a report entitled: "Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health: Does Sex Matter?"

It emphasized the following critical questions:

  • How can information on sex differences be translated into preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic practice?
  • How can the new knowledge about and understanding of biological sex differences and similarities most effectively be used to positively affect patient outcomes and improve health and health care?

The overarching conclusions were that:

  • Sex does matter.
  • The study of sex differences is evolving into a mature science.

Barriers to the advancement of knowledge about sex differences in health and illness exist and must be eliminated. Understanding the biological bases of gender has a critical influence on gender politics--whether it is the access of health care to women, or the social welfare to the gay, lesbian, and transgender communities. Many leaders in the fields of sex differences, sex determination, and gender biology perform basic research at UCLA.

The Gender Center agglomerates existing expertise at UCLA and promotes a novel way to think about, teach, and practice modern science and medicine.