Tuck Ngun, PhD

Tuck is a postdoctoral scholar in the lab whose main interest is in sex differences in the brain and behavior. He is currently investigating the biological basis of sexual orientation using twin pairs that are discordant for sexual orientation with Matteo Pellegrini's group. In addition, he is working on the genetics of gender identity in collaboration with Dr. Mark Keil, who is currently at the University of Michigan Medical School. Tuck was a graduate student in the lab. His dissertation work focused on the long-term effect of perinatal testosterone exposure on the brain and the role of sex chromosome complement and number on behavior and molecular phenotypes in the brain of a mouse model of Klinefelter Syndrome. Tuck graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Molecular Biology where he worked on elucidating the links between splicing and transcription.